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Welcome to our comprehensive Guide to Tobin Brothers Funerals. In this guide you’ll find complete information on their service costs, customer reviews, branch locations, company ownership, and appearances in the media.

History of Tobin Brothers Funerals

Tobin Brothers Funerals is a family owned funeral company, established in 1934. Over the past 83 years they have grown to be one of the biggest funeral homes in Victoria. With over 190 staff in 24 locations, they claim to service 25% of all funerals in the greater Melbourne metropolitan area – approximately 5,500 funerals every year.

When selecting a funeral home, one question you need to consider is whether to engage a large company (like Tobin Brothers Funerals) or the services of a smaller family-owned funeral home. While large companies have the benefit of a well-known brand, it often means that you’ll pay a premium, and you may not have as much flexibility to personalise the funeral, so it’s worthwhile to consider all of your options.

Gathered Here lets you instantly compare prices and customer reviews for all funeral homes in your area.

For more information about Australia’s larger funeral homes, see our guide to Funeral Companies in Australia.

Other Tobin Brothers Funerals Brands

In addition to their main brand, Tobin Brothers Funerals also own Frances Tobin, Abbey Funerals and Herbert King Funerals.

What Services Do Tobin Brothers Funerals Offer?

Originally, Tobin Brothers Funerals specialised in Catholic funerals due to their family’s involvement with the Melbourne Catholic Community. However, today, they service and cater for all cultures and religions.

Tobin Brothers Funerals are an upper range funeral home, similar in price to InvoCare’s Victorian brand, Le Pine Funerals.

Tobin Brothers Funerals Board of Directors
Tobin Brothers Funerals Board of Directors

Tobin Brothers Funerals in the News

Generally speaking, Tobin Brothers Funerals has a good track record of service and has kept out of the spotlight in terms of any missteps, except for one incident 2015 when, due to human error, a baby’s ashes were thrown out with the waste. Tobin Brothers Funerals funded a search for the remains at Wollert landfill that lasted 8 days, but unfortunately weren’t able to locate the ashes.

Over the past three years they have also featured in a battle between the large funeral companies and the state-owned cemetery trusts over the right to cremate bodies. In Victoria, only cemetery trusts are permitted to conduct cremations, locking companies out of a lucrative part of the funeral industry. To get around these regulations, Tobin Brothers Funerals offers families the option of transporting bodies over the border for cremation in NSW.

Most recently, the funeral home made headlines when a 250kg deer smashed into their Ringwood chapel causing extensive damage.

Advertising and Marketing

As one of Australia’s largest funeral homes, Tobin Brothers Funerals are able to invest significant amounts on advertising and marketing. Here are some of their most recent ads.

This ad highlights their company values: care, competency, creativity, contemporary, community and celebration:

This ad is a more upbeat take on their services which seeks to show that a funeral can be a celebration.

Tobin Brothers Funerals Costs

Tobin Brothers Funerals are an upper range funeral brand, and one of the more expensive funeral options available for families in Melbourne.

To help you compare prices, we’ve set out the price of the professional services fee charged by Tobin Brothers Funerals next to the state averages and minimums. As you can see, the prices Tobin Brothers Funerals charges are between 51% – 56% more expensive than the state averages and 143% and 191% more expensive than the cheapest options in the state.

Service Type Tobin Brothers Cost State Average Cost State Minimum
Single Service $5,472.5 $3,625 $2,255
Dual Service $5,857.5 $3,761 $2,290
Graveside Service $5,362.5 $3,508 $1,840

(Note: These prices are taken from our database and are current as at the time of publication. They are for the professional services fee only and do not include any additional costs such as coffin, flowers, celebrant, notices or cemetery fees.)

For more information on funeral costs in each of the states, see our city specific guides:

Tobin Brothers Funerals Locations

Tobin Brothers Funerals have 24 locations across Melbourne. For contact information, indicative prices and customer reviews at any of their locations, click on the appropriate link below.

Tobin Brothers Funerals, Glenroy
Tobin Brothers Funerals, Brighton
Tobin Brothers Funerals, Malvern
Tobin Brothers Funerals, Cheltenham
Tobin Brothers Funerals, Berwick
Tobin Brothers Funerals, Cranbourne
Tobin Brothers Funerals, Sunbury
Tobin Brothers Funerals, Frankston
Tobin Brothers Funerals, Burwood East
Tobin Brothers Funerals, Sunshine
Tobin Brothers Funerals, Ringwood
Tobin Brothers Funerals, Ashburton
Tobin Brothers Funerals, Rosebud
Tobin Brothers Funerals, South Morang
Tobin Brothers Funerals, Echuca
Tobin Brothers Funerals, Diamond Creek
Tobin Brothers Funerals, Werribee
Tobin Brothers Funerals, Noble Park
Tobin Brothers Funerals, Mount Martha
Tobin Brothers Funerals, Moonee Ponds
Tobin Brothers Funerals, Doncaster
Frances Tobin Funerals by Women, Brighton
Tobin Brothers Funerals, Saint Albans
Tobin Brothers Funerals, North Melbourne

While perhaps one of the best known funeral brands in Victoria, Tobin Brothers Funerals is just one of the options available to families searching for a funeral director. Our comparison website makes it easy to compare prices and customer reviews at over 650 funeral homes across Australia.

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