Welcome to our comprehensive Guide to Simplicity Funerals. In this guide you’ll find complete information on their service costs, customer reviews, branch locations, company ownership, and appearances in the media.

Who Owns Simplicity Funerals?

Simplicity Funerals is a funeral brand owned by InvoCare, a publicly listed multinational company which accounts for 34% of all funeral homes in Australia. In addition to Simplicity Funerals, InvoCare own many other brands such as White Lady Funerals and Guardian Funerals.

When selecting a funeral home, one question you need to consider is whether to engage a large corporation (like Simplicity Funerals) or the services of a smaller, Australian and family-owned funeral home. While large corporations have the benefit of a well-known brand, it often means that you’ll pay a premium and have less freedom to personalise the service, so it’s worthwhile to consider all of your options.

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For more information about Australia’s larger funeral homes, see our guide to Funeral Companies in Australia.

History of the Brand

Simplicity Funerals first opened in Australia in 1979. Since then, the brand has grown rapidly by offering simple funeral services at budget prices and now has over 55 locations in Australia.

In 2009, Simplicity Funerals exported their brand overseas to Singapore. Their vision is to be Asia Pacific’s first choice for practical, professional and affordable funerals.

What Services Do Simplicity Funerals Offer?

Simplicity Funerals offer the typical services you would expect from a funeral home but in a way that is stripped down, standardised and cheaper for families. While the price saving is an advantage, the trade-off is that you may not be able to do much customisation to the service, with only a few fixed-package options available for families to choose from.

Also, because you’re paying less in fees, the level of service and dedication you receive won’t be the same as on offer from the more expensive brands or family-owned funeral homes. You’re also not guaranteed to have one funeral director look after you from start to finish.

For more guidance on low-cost and affordable funerals, see our Guide to Cheap Funerals.

Simplicity Funerals Director and Car

Simplicity Funerals in the News

While a search of Simplicity Funerals profiles on our comparison site shows a number of less favourable customer reviews in contrast to InvoCare’s premium brand, White Lady Funerals, in terms of any actual legal missteps, the brand has a clean track record.

The last time Simplicity Funerals featured in the media was in January 2016, when a court ordered the burial of June Woo, whose body had been held by Simplicity Funerals since 2011 while Ms Woo’s daughters sought investigations and answers around the circumstances of her death.

Advertising and Marketing

As one of Australia’s largest funeral brands, Simplicity Funerals have a number of advertising campaigns in circulation at any time.

This ad from 2016 is aimed at promoting their prepaid funeral plans.

Simplicity Funerals Prices

Simplicity Funerals are the cheapest of the InvoCare Brands (not including Value Cremations who only offer direct cremations).

While they are cheap, there are definitely cheaper options to be found in each of the states. To help you compare prices, we’ve set out the prices charged by Simplicity Funerals in each state (next to the cheapest options on our website in brackets).

StateDirect CremationSingle ServiceDual Service
NSW$3,845 ($1,995)$4,025 ($1,863)$4,025 ($2,060)
VIC$3,895 ($1,980)$3,124 ($2,255)$3,124 ($2,290)
QLD$2,995 ($1,290)$2,838 ($2,140)$3,293 ($2,140)
SA$2,495 ($1,800)$3,415 ($2,500)$3,424 ($2,500)
WA$3,995 ($1,995)$3,652 ($2,000)$4,302 ($2,950)

(Note: The Direct Cremation prices above are all inclusive, whereas the prices for the Single Service and Dual Service options are for the professional services fee only, and do not include any additional items such as coffin, flowers, and cremation fees etc. These prices are taken from our database and are current as at the time of publication.)

For more information on funeral costs in each of the states, see our city specific guides:

Simplicity Funerals Locations

Simplicity Funerals have more than 55 locations across Australia. For contact information, indicative prices and customer reviews at any of their locations, click on the appropriate link below.

New South Wales

There are 18 Simplicity Funerals locations in NSW:

Simplicity Funerals, Toukley
Simplicity Funerals, Hornsby
Simplicity Funerals, Woy Woy
Simplicity Funerals, Bankstown
Simplicity Funerals, Chatswood
Simplicity Funerals, Long Jetty
Simplicity Funerals, Mascot
Simplicity Funerals, Ryde
Simplicity Funerals, Erina
Simplicity Funerals, Wyong
Simplicity Funerals, Penrith
Simplicity Funerals, Newtown
Simplicity Funerals, Tweed Heads
Simplicity Funerals, Miranda
Simplicity Funerals, Randwick
Simplicity Funerals, Balgowlah
Simplicity Funerals, Smithfield
Simplicity Funerals, Liverpool


There are 7 Simplicity Funerals locations in Victoria:

Simplicity Funerals, Sunshine
Simplicity Funerals, Carnegie
Simplicity Funerals, Bayswater
Simplicity Funerals, Reservoir
Simplicity Funerals, Pascoe Vale
Simplicity Funerals, Frankston
Simplicity Funerals, Werribee


There are 6 Simplicity Funerals locations in Qld:

Simplicity Funerals, Kedron
Simplicity Funerals, Miami
Simplicity Funerals, Woolloongabba
Simplicity Funerals, Logan Central
Simplicity Funerals, Parkwood
Simplicity Funerals, Robina

South Australia

There are 6 Simplicity Funerals locations in SA:

Simplicity Funerals, Black Forest
Simplicity Funerals, Enfield
Simplicity Funerals, Brahma Lodge
Simplicity Funerals, Gawler South
Simplicity Funerals, Morphett Vale
Simplicity Funerals, Victor Harbor

Western Australia

There are 4 Simplicity Funerals locations in WA:

Simplicity Funerals, Osborne Park
Simplicity Funerals, Joondalup
Simplicity Funerals, Kelmscott
Simplicity Funerals, Greenfields

While they are one of the most well known funeral brands in Australia, Simplicity Funerals is just one of the options available to families searching for an affordable funeral. Our funeral comparison website makes it easy to compare reviews and prices at over 650 funeral homes around Australia.

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