How the Quote Requests System Works

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As a Premium Member, you are able to opt into our Quote Requests Program.

Here’s how it works:

1. A customer completes the Request Quotes Form on our website. You can see the Request Quotes Form via this page:

2. The customer receives an email confirming 3 funeral directors will be in touch with them shortly:

Customer Confirmation Email

3. If the customer is in an area you service, you will receive an instant SMS Notification and an email with the key details:

Instant SMS Notification


Email Notification

4. If you are interested in providing a quote to the customer, click the green “Yes, I want to contact the customer” button. This will trigger a second email to you that includes the full quote details. At this stage it’s up to you whether you email, call or SMS the customer – it’s your lead to pursue as you wish.

Note: ONLY CLICK THIS BUTTON ONCE, then check your inbox. The email should arrive in under 10 seconds. If you don’t see the email, check your junk/spam or contact us at

Triggered Email Including Full Quote Details

5. At the same time as you receive the email with the full quote details, the customer will also receive an email notifying them that you will be contacting you shortly. This email includes your star rating on Gathered Here, and a link to your profile. The benefit of this email is that it introduces you, and the quality of your services and facilities, even before you have made contact.

6. Finally, the customer will receive 2 follow up emails (one after 2 days, and another after 9 days) asking them to confirm the funeral director they chose. This helps us to close the loop on the successful funeral director.

Which funeral director did you choose email

Success Fee

If you are selected by a customer after providing a quote through our Quote Request System a success fee is payable when you receive payment for the services or enter into a prepaid contract. Because payment is only required when you receive payment from the customer, this service is risk free and you only pay for real cases.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


  • Is it mandatory to provide a quote? No. Accepting a quote request is completely optional. If you receive the initial email with the summary details and are not interested in the service, you are not obliged to click the button to request the full quote details.
  • Do I have to pay the success fee for all customers who find me on Gathered Here? No. The success fee is only payable if you are successful in winning a service through this Quote Request Program. If a customer separately finds your funeral home listing on our website and calls or emails you directly, no success fee is payable.
  • I can’t find the emails in my inbox. If you’re not seeing the emails, check your junk/spam mail, and add to your address book.
  • Clicking the “Yes, I want to contact the customer” button takes me to a scrambled webpage. What is this? This is how our system is designed to operate. The page is just a coded confirmation that the button has been correctly triggered. You can simply close out of the window and wait for the follow up email with the full details.
  • Can the cost of the success fee be passed on to the customer? No, an important condition to using the quote request system is that success fees may not be passed on directly to the customer.
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