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Headstone inscription services

If you’re looking to find someone to engrave an inscription on a headstone or monument, you’ve come to the right place.

Headstone inscription services have two purposes:

  1. New headstones: To engrave an inscription on a new headstone (usually for someone who has recently passed away). For information about selecting the wording and style of a headstone inscription, see our Complete Guide to Headstone and Memorial Inscriptions: Wording, Design and Cost.
  2. Existing headstones: To engrave an inscription on an existing headstone. This is commonly the case where a double headstone has been partly engraved to commemorate one deceased, and the customer is now looking to have the other part of the tombstone engraved for a second deceased. This is often referred to as additional inscription services.
Double headstone with single inscription
Existing double headstone with space for an additional inscription

Additional inscription services

If you’re looking to engrave an additional inscription on an existing headstone, the process will usually be as follows:

  • The customer will discuss their requirements with their chosen monumental mason. It is generally recommended that the additional inscription is cut in the same style as the original inscription.
  • The stonemason will examine the existing monument, either through photographs or by visiting the gravesite.
  • Once the monumental mason has assessed the work to be undertaken, they will provide the customer with a quote.
  • The stonemason will obtain any necessary permissions from the cemetery and send them (on the customer’s behalf) any applicable cemetery fees.
  • The stonemason will engrave the additional inscription on the gravestone.
  • The headstone will be re-installed in the cemetery in its original spot.

Combining New Inscriptions with Headstone Restoration

If an existing monument is looking a little aged, or has some damage, you might consider having the tombstone restored or renovated at the same time as the additional inscription is added. This will be cheaper than having each job done separately.

Options for headstone or monument restoration include:

  • cleaning the stone to restore its original appearance;
  • replacing stone chips;
  • replacing damaged accessories – for example, flower vases;
  • adjusting the ground under or around the monument so that the monument stands up straight on a flat surface.
Restored, cleaned headstone
A headstone that has been cleaned and restored

How much do headstone inscription services cost?

The price of a headstone inscription service will depend on the length and style of the wording to be engraved.

You can use Gathered Here to determine the cost of a gravestone inscription. Just specify your inscription text and/or any other inscription requirements in the box provided, and we’ll send you 3 price quotes from local headstone and monument masons. It’s quick, easy, and there’s no obligation for you to purchase. Request your quotes now.

We hope you’ve found this guide to headstone inscription services useful. If you’d like to know more the cost of headstones and monuments generally, see our Complete Guide to Memorial Costs, and for other information about buying and installing a memorial, visit our Headstones, Monuments and Memorials FAQs.

If you have any questions about our headstone and monument quote service, or our monumental mason comparison service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at or start a live chat by clicking the floating message box in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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