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Webinar - May 2022

Our in-house experts hosted a webinar all about our inaugural Gifts in Wills Report. It’s worth a watch, we promise.
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About the Webinar

In May 2022, we released our very first Gifts in Wills Report. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s packed with meaningful insights into modern day will-writers, donor demographics, and gifting trends.

The report got such a great response that we decided to host a webinar all about it. Our in-house fundraising experts discussed some of the key findings as well as their real-life implications for organisations within the NFP sector.

Just enter your details to view an abridged version of the original webinar. We edited the recording to give you a more concise snapshot of our report. We also cut out the FAQs because there were a lot. And we mean a lot.

More than 75 questions came in from attendees on the day and our team just couldn’t get to them all. So we collated them, answered them as clearly as we could, and dropped them into a handy PDF that you can also download on this page.

If you want to see how it all works, we encourage you to request a demo. There’s so much more we can talk about!


Watch the May 2022
Gathered Here Webinar

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