Gathered Here 2022 Gifts in Wills

Unique insight into modern day will-writers, donor demographics, and giving behaviour. Real data to guide your gifts in wills strategy.
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About the Report

This report seeks to bring clarity to the gifts in wills space, which has long been hampered by uncertainty and unpredictability.

In the report, we analyse over 10,000 online wills and $91 million in death bequests to provide an incredibly rich source of data for fundraising professionals. The wills, all written via Gathered Here in the 12 months leading up to April 2022, offer an invaluable glimpse into the behaviours of modern will-writers.

The report brings to light important trends in donor demographics, including statistics on how age, location, marital status and family structure can all impact giving behaviour. It also analyses the efficacy of targeted gifts in wills campaigns and considers the potential impact of casting a wider net when attracting and retaining donors.

We hope you enjoy this report and can apply the findings within to your own gifts in wills strategy to maintain strong and sustainable income streams well into the future.

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