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This guide is designed to help you find and choose a funeral celebrant in Sydney.

A good funeral celebrant should create a funeral service which is warm and loving, which captures a real sense of who the deceased was, and which gives the deceased the goodbye you are looking for.

This guide is intended to help you find the funeral celebrant that best suits your needs. It’s broken down into 4 parts:

  1. How to use our website to find and compare funeral celebrants in Sydney
  2. Why you need to compare Sydney funeral celebrants
  3. How much does a Sydney funeral celebrant cost?
  4. Other issues to consider when choosing a funeral celebrant in Sydney

1. How to find funeral celebrants in Sydney

Gathered Here is a free and independent funeral comparison website. Each month we have over 12,000 visitors searching for funeral services on our website and we have listings for over 85 funeral celebrants in Greater Sydney.

Comparing funeral celebrants in Sydney is easy:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your suburb or postcode and click “Compare”

Alternatively, you can go directly to our dedicated search page for Funeral Celebrants in Sydney.

Tip: When viewing the comparison results, you can filter your results by selecting “Price (Low)” to see the cheapest funeral celebrants in Sydney, or “Rating” to see the best rated funeral celebrants in Sydney. You can even filter by language if you’re looking for a funeral celebrant who speaks a language other than English.

Funeral Directors Sydney Map

2. Why you need to compare Sydney funeral celebrants

Although your funeral director manages the overall plans for a funeral, it is the funeral celebrant who officiates – or presents – the funeral service on the day. So when you choose a funeral celebrant, you’re picking the person who needs to write and run a funeral service that not only accurately captures the deceased, their personality and their life, but also meaningfully connects with you, your family and other mourners in attendance.

Your chosen celebrant should be someone you feel you can trust, someone you think will respect and honour your wishes, and someone you feel is suitably qualified and experienced to meet your family’s particular needs. You can find more information about what a funeral celebrant does here.

Traditionally, families have just used the celebrant that their funeral director recommended, leaving no opportunity to determine whether that celebrant was the best person for the job. But with the funeral celebrant playing such a key role in the funeral service, it just doesn’t make sense to decide who you’ll use without comparing your available options.

When you use Gathered Here to find a funeral celebrant, you can compare the celebrants in your area by price, customer rating, experience and services. You can look for funeral celebrants offering particular things – such as the ability to officiate the funeral service in a certain language – and read reviews left by other families in a similar position to yours. You can also look at what accreditations a funeral celebrant has.

3. How much does a Sydney funeral celebrant cost?

We’ve previously written that funeral celebrants in Australia can cost anywhere between $250 – $660. Sydney funeral celebrants tend to fall at the cheaper end of the spectrum with average fees ranging from $250 – $400.

4. Other things to consider when choosing a funeral celebrant in Sydney

Before you make a final decision about a funeral celebrant, there are a couple of other things you may want to consider.


Funeral celebrants are usually based in a particular part of Sydney, but many are willing to travel outside of that region. By default, our comparison site will show you funeral celebrants within a 15km radius of your postcode. If you don’t find your ideal celebrant in your area, consider searching other suburbs for funeral celebrants who travel. Make sure to check whether travel is included in their fee, or if it costs extra.

The main regions serviced by funeral directors in Sydney are:

  • Sydney City
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Hills District
  • North Sydney + North Shore
  • Northern Beaches
  • North West
  • Inner West
  • Western Sydney
  • Southwest Sydney
  • South Sydney

Other parts of NSW which are commonly serviced by funeral celebrants, and which a Sydney-based celebrant may travel to, include:

  • Blue Mountains
  • Central Coast
  • Hawkesbury
  • Newcastle
  • Southern Highlands
  • Wollongong

Funeral director

Just as it’s important to compare and contrast funeral celebrants, so too, it’s essential to shop around for funeral directors. You want to make sure you’re getting the best service at the best price. You might also want to put your funeral celebrant in touch with your funeral director so they can liaise about funeral plans. You can use our Guide to Funeral Directors in Sydney to find a funeral director.

Cemetery and crematorium options

Finally, if you don’t already have a family plot, or some kind of affiliation with a particular venue, you may want to think about selecting a cemetery or crematorium in your area. You can find further information about cemeteries and crematoriums in Sydney in our Complete Guide to Sydney Cemeteries and our Guide to Sydney Crematoriums and Cremation Services.

We hope you’ve found this guide to finding and choosing a funeral celebrant in Sydney helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at or leave us a comment below.

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