How do we make money?

We don’t charge consumers anything to use our comparison search services, Quote Request services, or for purchasing a funeral on interest-free finance. Instead, we receive fees from service providers, including funeral directors, funeral celebrants, monumental masons and law firms, which may include:

  • a monthly subscription fee;
  • a fee per lead;
  • a success fee, payable when the service provider is successfully engaged by the customer; and/or
  • a fee for purchases on interest-free finance.

These fees may change from time to time at our discretion. For more information regarding these fees and current rates, please contact us at Also see our terms and conditions.

What service providers do we list on our comparison site?

We believe that consumers should be able to assess the entire market with transparency. While we don’t yet cover the entire market, we are continually working towards that end. Currently, we list on our website a large number – but not all – of the funeral homes, funeral celebrants and monumental masons in Australia. As a result, it is likely that the service providers displayed using our comparison search service will not be representative of all service providers offering services in your area.

Our website is open to any funeral home, funeral celebrant, or monumental mason to add their listing free of charge. This stands in contrast to other websites which only cover service providers who are affiliated with them, or who pay the website operators. These websites do not offer a holistic view of the market in the way that we endeavour to do.

When I complete a Quote Request Form, who are my details sent to?

At Gathered Here, we take privacy and confidentiality very seriously. When you complete a Request Quotes form we will only pass on your contact details to the relevant service providers who service your specified area. The service providers who receive these details are at our discretion and may include Premium Members (who pay us a monthly subscription fee).