There are a number of funeral directors around Australia that specialise in direct cremations only.

What is a Direct Cremation?

A direct cremation is a cremation only with no service. It is one of the cheapest funeral options for families as it dispenses with many of the expensive elements of a funeral – such as an expensive coffin, venue hire, hearse, and funeral staff for a service.

For more information regarding cremation costs, see our article on The Average Cost of a Cremation.

For assistance planning a cremation, see our Guide to Cremations.

Why Choose a Cremations Only Funeral Director?

Generally speaking, when a funeral director specialises in direct cremations it allows them to streamline their services, and they can often be cheaper than funeral directors who provide the full range of funeral services.

Cremations Only Funeral Directors

The following funeral directors in Australia specialise in cremations only:

Cremations Only Funeral Directors – Sydney, NSW

Timeless FuneralsWebsite$1,895
Australian Direct CremationsWebsite$1,995
Value CremationsWebsite$1,790

Cremations Only Funeral Directors – Melbourne, VIC

Melbourne Cremation ServiceWebsite$2,900
Value CremationsWebsite$1,495
Cheap Cremations MelbourneWebsite$1,600
Fixed Price CremationsWebsite$1,695

Cremations Only Funeral Directors – Brisbane, QLD

Value CremationsWebsite$1,075
Cremations OnlyWebsite$1,640
Cremations DirectWebsite$1,490

Cremations Only Funeral Directors – Adelaide, SA

Value CremationsWebsite$1,395

Cremations Only Funeral Directors – Perth, WA

Value CremationsWebsite$2,190

Note: These prices were last updated on 13 January 2021. For the most up to date information, do a funeral director comparison and select the “Cremation” and “No Service, No Attendance” options.

Other Cheap Funeral Options

Funeral homes that specialise in cremation only services will not always be the cheapest. To be sure, use our funeral comparison website to find the cheapest funeral directors in your area.

If you live in or around a capital city, you can check our city guides for a list of the cheapest local funeral directors and other important details you should consider when choosing a funeral director:

You may also find it useful to read our guides to crematoriums and cremation services in your city:

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