Complete Guide to Cheap Cremations in Australia

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Cheap Cremations in Australia

With many Australians now considering inexpensive funeral options, and cremations tending to cost less than traditional burials, it’s common to want to understand what cheap cremations options are available to you.

This article discusses the two most common cheap cremation options:

  1. direct cremations (or no service cremations); and
  2. single service cremations.

If you’re looking for more general information about cremations, see our Guide to Cremations and our Guide to the Cremation Process

Direct Cremations

What is a direct cremation?

A direct cremation is the cremation only of the body with no funeral service. A direct cremation may also be referred to as a ‘no service cremation’, a ‘no service no attendance cremation’ or a ‘cremation only’.

A direct cremation is the cheapest cremation option as there are no additional costs for a funeral service or ceremony. A direct cremation package generally includes transportation and cremation of the body, and return of the deceased’s ashes to the family. Many families choose to hold a private ceremony to say goodbye to the deceased once they have received the ashes.

Direct cremations in your city

No service cremations take place all over Australia. To find out more about direct cremations in your city, including how much a direct cremation costs, see our comprehensive city guides:

Cremations only funeral directors

While the majority of funeral directors offer a range of cremation packages, with a direct cremation being the cheapest option, there are some funeral directors – called cremations only funeral directors – who only offer direct cremations. You can find more details in our Guide to Cremations Only Funeral Directors in Australia.

Single Service Cremations

What is a single service cremation?

A single service cremation is a cremation service held at one venue only, with the committal incorporated. For example, this may be a service held at a church or chapel, followed by a non-attended cremation.

Single service cremations are cheaper than dual service cremations which involve a service at a church or chapel, followed by a procession to the crematorium for the cremation. Read more about different types of cremation services in our Guide to Planning a Funeral Service.

How can I save money on a single service cremation?

If you’re concerned about the costs adding up on a single service cremation, consider these ways of ensuring a cheap cremation:

How much does a single service cremation cost?

The following provides a guide as to how much a single service cremation costs in your state:

State Price guide
New South Wales $4,995 – $8,618
Victoria $4,220 – $8,942
Queensland $3,472 – $6,252
South Australia $2,000 – $7,850
Western Australia $4,507 – $9,232



The cremation part of both a direct and a single service cremation will take place at a crematorium. You can read more about particular crematoriums in our city guides:

Cheap Cremations in Your Area

The easiest way to do a full comparison of cheap cremation options offered by funeral directors in your area is to use our funeral comparison website:

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Cremation”
  3. Select “No Service, No Attendance” or “Single Service”
  4. Type in your suburb and click “Compare”
  5. Select the “Price (Low)” filter to see the cheapest options in your area

You can also read more about cheap funeral directors operating in your area in our city specific guides:

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