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Welcome to our comprehensive Guide to Blackwell Funerals. In this guide you’ll find complete information on their service costs, customer reviews, branch locations, company ownership, and appearances in the media.

Who Owns Blackwell Funerals?

Blackwell Funerals is a funeral brand owned by InvoCare, a publicly listed multinational company which operates 34% of all funeral homes in Australia. In addition to Blackwell Funerals, InvoCare own many other brands such as White Lady Funerals and Simplicity Funerals.

When selecting a funeral home, one question you need to consider is whether to engage a large corporation (like Blackwell Funerals) or the services of a smaller, family-owned funeral home.

Gathered Here lets you instantly compare prices and customer reviews for all funeral homes in your area.

For more information about Australia’s larger funeral homes, see our guide to Funeral Companies in Australia.

History of the Brand

Blackwell Funerals was established in 1940 by Daryl Blackwell who branched out into funerals from the family coffin manufacturing business. Over the past 77 years, the brand has continued to grow and now has over 7 locations in Adelaide.

Blackwell Funerals Staff
The Staff at Blackwell Funerals

What Services Do Blackwell Funerals Offer?

Blackwell Funerals offer all of the typical funeral services that you would expect from a funeral home and cater for all cultures and religions. In terms of how they compare to InvoCare’s premium brand (White Lady Funerals) and their budget brand (Simplicity Funerals), Blackwell Funerals is an upper mid-range funeral home.

Advertising and Marketing

As a brand of Australia’s largest funeral corporation, Blackwell Funerals are able to invest significant amounts on advertising and marketing.

Here’s one of their advertisements which outlines the benefits of a prepaid funeral plan:

Here’s another of their ads which seeks to highlight their focus on family values:

Blackwell Funerals Costs

Blackwell Funerals are an upper mid-range funeral brand. To help you compare prices, we’ve set out their professional services fees next to the state averages and minimums.

Service Type Blackwell Funerals Cost State Average Cost State Minimum
Single Service $4,464 $3,583 $2,500
Dual Service $5,014 $3,817 $2,500
Graveside Service $4,464 $3,386 $2,000

(Note: These prices are taken from our database and are current as at the time of publication. They are for the professional services fee only and do not include any additional costs such as coffin, funeral flowers, celebrant, notices or cemetery fees.)

For more information, see our article on Understanding Funeral Costs and our Adelaide Funeral Directors Guide for city-specific information on funeral costs and how to find a local funeral home in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs.

Blackwell Funerals Locations

Blackwell Funerals have 7 locations across Adelaide. For contact information, indicative prices and customer reviews at any of their locations, click on the appropriate link below.

Blackwell Funerals, Rosewater
Blackwell Funerals, Torrensville
Blackwell Funerals, Glenside
Blackwell Funerals, Payneham
Blackwell Funerals, Prospect
Blackwell Funerals, Aberfoyle Park
Blackwell Funerals, Paradise

While perhaps one of the best-known funeral brands in Adelaide, Blackwell Funerals is just one of the options available to families when searching for a funeral director, so be sure to do your research. Our comparison website makes it easy to compare prices and customer reviews at over 825 funeral homes across Australia.

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