Welcome to our comprehensive Guide to Allison Monkhouse. In this guide you’ll find complete information on their service costs, customer reviews, branch locations, company ownership, and appearances in the media.

History of Allison Monkhouse

Allison Monkhouse is a family owned funeral company, whose origins can be traced back to early 19th Century England. John Allison, born in Liverpool in 1844, arrived in Melbourne in the 1860s and established the company soon after.

In 1956, the company acquired J. Monkhouse & Son, and rebranded as Allison Monkhouse.

Allison Monkhouse is one of the biggest family operated funeral homes in Melbourne with 8 locations across Victoria. It is still owned and operated by the Allison family – Clive Allison (a fifth generation funeral director) serves as Managing Director.

When selecting a funeral home, one question you need to consider is whether to engage a large company (like Allison Monkhouse) or the services of a smaller funeral home. While large companies have the benefit of a well-known brand, it often means that you’ll pay a premium, and you may not have as much flexibility to personalise the funeral, so it’s definitely worthwhile to consider all of your options.

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Other Allison Monkhouse Brands

In addition to their main brand, Allison Monkhouse also own the TJ Andrews funeral brand which operates in Sydney.

What Services Do Allison Monkhouse Offer?

Allison Monkhouse provide all of the general funeral services that your would expect from a funeral director, as well as more specific services for religious and cultural groups, including: Cambodian, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek Orthodox, Indian, Korean, Laotian, Sri Lankan and Vietnamese.

Allison Monkhouse are an upper mid-range funeral home, similar in price to Tobin Brothers and InvoCare’s Victorian brand, Le Pine Funerals.

Allison Monkhouse Staff

Allison Monkhouse in the News

Competition in the Funeral Industry

In 2011, funeral director, Marc Allison, took to the media to air his concern over InvoCare’s acquisition of its nearest competitor, Bledisloe Holdings. While already one of the larger funeral companies in Australia, Allison was concerned that InvoCare’s growth would diminish competition in the funeral industry.

Employee Allegations

Generally speaking, Allison Monkhouse has a good track record of service and has kept out of the spotlight in terms of any missteps, except for one incident 2014 when, ex-employee Ben Veenkamp made a series of allegations against the company in his resignation email.

Among the claims was that he was instructed to dump naked bodies into coffins without dressing them if they were being delivered straight to the crematorium. Managing Director, Clive Anderson, stated that in their own company investigation all other employees denied Veenkamp’s allegations and they had put in place monthly branch assessments to stop this type of thing happening.

Advertising and Marketing

As one of Victoria’s largest funeral homes, Allison Monkhouse are able to invest significant amounts on advertising and marketing. Here are some of their most recent ads featuring Denise Drysdale, TV performer and comedian.

Allison Monkhouse Funerals Costs

Allison Monkhouse are an upper mid-range funeral brand, and one of the more expensive funeral options available for families in Melbourne.

To help you compare prices, we’ve set out the price of the professional services fee charged by Allison Monkhouse next to the state averages and minimums. As you can see, the prices Allison Monkhouse charges are between 13% – 22% more expensive than the state averages and 86% – 132% more expensive than the cheapest options in the state.

Service TypeAllison Monkhouse CostState Average CostState Minimum
Single Service$4,265$3,625$2,255
Dual Service$4,265$3,761$2,290
Graveside Service$4,265$3,508$1,840

(Note: These prices are taken from our database and are current as at the time of publication. They are for the professional services fee only and do not include any additional costs such as coffin, flowers, celebrant, notices or cemetery fees.)

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Allison Monkhouse Locations

Allison Monkhouse have 8 locations across Melbourne. For contact information, indicative prices and customer reviews at any of their locations, click on the appropriate link below.

Allison Monkhouse, Brighton
Allison Monkhouse, Balwyn
Allison Monkhouse, Caulfield South
Allison Monkhouse, Rye
Allison Monkhouse, Wantirna South

While perhaps one of the most well known funeral brands in Victoria, Allison Monkhouse is just one of the options available to families searching for a funeral director. Our comparison website makes it easy to compare prices and customer reviews at over 660 funeral homes across Australia.

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